Best Commercial Grade Meat Grinder Reviews 2020

Minced food is used in many dishes. To provide a large quantity of small ground food for a restaurant or a large family of members, you need a commercial-grade meat grinder. Why? Because professional commercial grade meat grinders have many attachments, which are very handy, and they are high powered when using powerful engines. In this article, we will introduce you to 3 of the best commercial grade meat grinders we believe you will get the best choice for yourself.

LEM Products 17811 Electric Meat Grinder

Our Pick

LEM Products 17811 Electric Meat Grinder

⭐️4.8 stars – 637 ratings on Amazon

LEM Products 17811 is the best choice we would like to recommend to you. It’s backed by a 5-year warranty, well, that’s great. Big Bite technology combined with a powerful 1HP motor helps you grind food faster, so it is very suitable for a restaurant. In addition, LEM Products 17811 Electric Meat Grinder also comes with accessories such as a meat pusher, a stainless steel knife, a stainless steel stuffing plate, three stuffing tubes for sausages, and more. The tray in the body to store the knife and plate to help the kitchen tidy is also a plus point for this product.

If LEM Products 17811 is not the product you want, please refer to other models with motors of 0.35HP, 0.5HP, 0.75HP or 1.5HP

Kitchener Elite Electric Meat Grinder & Sausage Stuffer


Kitchener Elite Electric Meat Grinder And Sausage Stuffer

⭐️4.7 stars – 99 ratings on Amazon

3/4HP (550W) motor, 12lbs per minute – Kitchener Elite Electric Meat Grinder is also another great option you should consider. The engine works smoothly and is equipped with an automatic circuit breaker, so it is very safe. Out of the products we reviewed, this one has the stainless steel pan we like the most, it holds a lot of meat and is easy to clean. The Kitchener Elite Electric Meat Grinder has two speeds: forward grind, sausage stuff. In addition, it also has many handy accessories.

SuperHandy Meat Grinder And Sausage Stuffer

Also Great

SuperHandy Meat Grinder And Sausage Stuffer

⭐️4.8 stars – 32 ratings on Amazon

Do you want to experience a meat grinder of a brand new one? We present you SuperHandy’s meat grinder. It is affordable and has a dedicated support team. SuperHandy Meat Grinder And Sausage Stuffer use 1/2HP 370W 120VAC/60Hz motor, including a circuit breaker to ensure safe use. The SuperHandy Meat Grinder grinds up to 8-lbs per minute, so it’s suitable for the home or a moderate-sized restaurant. Accessories of this meat grinder include a large capacity meat pan (13″x 9″ x 2-3/8″), neck, auger, cutting knife, grinding plates: coarse (3/8″), fine (3/16″), stuffing plate, 4 stuffing tubes (3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″, 1-1/8″), meat stomper and a nifty storage compartment.


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